Who We Are

Defining Scripture:

1 Peter 4:10, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace.”


PPC Cares is a ministry of Performance Pulsation Control with the mission of moving beyond business into the hearts and lives of our employees and community.


Our vision is to Purposefully Partner with our local Community and shine the light of Christ in all that we do.


Performance Pulsation Control (PPC) manufactures world-class innovative pulsation vessels.  We are passionate about what we do and also about ‘Moving Beyond Business into the Hearts and Lives of our Community.’  Since PPC’s humble beginnings, CEO, John Rogers always knew PPC was God’s business. He wanted to use it to serve the Lord.  He just wasn’t quite sure how or what that looked like yet.

In the early days, PPC was strictly about doing business and serving our customers.  Similar to all small businesses, the goal was to stay relevant in the market and create more opportunity to further business relationships world-wide. Through God’s guidance and extraordinary hard-work from a team of dedicated employees, PPC continued to grow throughout the years.  Still, John desired to do more with the resources God so graciously continued to provide.

After some years of the Lord preparing the Way, the door was opened through a partnership with C12, a Christian CEO Peer Advisory Group.  This wonderful peer group of business owners, led by Tom Hawes, encouraged John to sharpen his focus on what it really means to be a faithful steward of God’s business.   With the support of his new business brothers and sisters in Christ, John found accountability both fortifying and reassuring, as PPC formed its newly founded ministry team.

John’s vision was to keep PPC’s ministry efforts locally focused and to ‘Purposefully Partner’ with organizations already fighting the good fight.  He wanted his team to not only volunteer, but to have a meaningful and relational impact with those they served.  Employees eagerly jumped in and began to meet weekly praying and discussing ideas on how to glorify God’s Kingdom.  The ministry team quickly began serving, handing out supplies to homeless citizens, cooking weekly meals for a local youth shelter, providing back to school clothing, supplies, and backpacks to schools, sponsoring Christmas gifts for single moms with children, and so much more.

The excitement and energy from PPC’s first service opportunities, as well as clear direction from the Lord, ultimately led to the creation of PPC Cares Inc., a 501(C)3.  Currently, PPC Cares is committed to partnerships with local Christian ministries, neighboring non-profits, public schools, and individuals in crisis.  Both time and resources are donated through corporate volunteerism, mentoring, donations, fundraising, and spreading the word concerning community needs.

PPC Cares is also focused on sharing the exciting news of partnerships, community efforts, and ways to increase involvement!  In a day and age of extreme negativity, our hope is to shine the light of Christ in all that we do.

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