My Possibilities

Mission – “We courageously and relentlessly pursue the full, untapped possibilities of our Hugely Important People, making every day count!”


  • Students at MP are affectionately called HIPsters- Hugely Important People
  • 501(c)(3) serving adults with cognitive disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Autism, Asperger’s, Prader-Willi, head injuries and more.
  • First full-day, full-year educational program of its kind in North Texas
  • We provide vocational skills, socialization opportunities, trade skills, and independent living skills to HIPsters that give them the chance to live the life they deserve



  • 62% of parents of adults with disabilities don’t have a plan for the future
  • 25,000 people in Collin County have a cognitive disability
  • 2% of Texans aged 18-64 have a disability that prevents them from living independently
  • 52% of adults with cognitive disabilities leave high school without a diploma



Capital Campaign – My Possibilities is currently embarking on the first of its kind University Campus for the HIPsters.  They are engaged in a $25 million dollar campaign to fulfill this bold and ambitious vision.  Funds sought from corporations and foundations will support Phase I of the MPU Campus, which includes constructions of all infrastructure and two buildings that compromise the core of the campus, located on 20 acres of land in Plano.

PPC has committed to a goal of raising $10,000 toward this campaign. Click to learn more or to contribute. 

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