“Agape provides critical housing and life skills that empower single women and their children to transform from homelessness, crisis and poverty to self-sustaining, fulfilling lives.”


  • Develop a community continuum of care with like-minded social agencies, property owners, municipalities & faith groups to end the disproportionate impact of homelessness & poverty on women & children.
  • Serve children and youth to break poverty cycle
  • Support families in crisis and facilitate permanent change for all



  • Safe, stable, affordable housing is effectively non-existent in Plano & Collin County
  • There are no emergency shelters & less than 300 transitional beds, all of which are chronically full.
  • About 3,000 single women & children were turned away from Collin County shelters & housing agencies EACH YEAR between 2012 – 2016.
  • PISD children identified as homeless has increased nearly five-fold (>500 in 2016 vs 115 in 2009).



There are numerous and creative ways to help Agape fight homelessness! Visit the Agape Wishlist page to see how you can help.

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