Our Partners


Each month PPC offers volunteer opportunities with our community partners.  Although PPC Cares is a faith-based Christian organization, our monthly opportunities are typically not affiliated with any religious beliefs.  This provides an open door for all employees to participate.

My Possibilities

MP is a full-day, year-around educational program for adults with cognitive disabilities.  These special adults are affectionately referred to as...

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Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude provides our overseas military and nationwide first responders with care packages.  This amazing organization has numerous ways to...

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Otto Middle School

Otto Middle School is a Title I school located in East Plano. In our time partnering with Otto, we have...

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Meals On Wheels

Our Team out West shines bright in all that they do for their local community.  One of Team Odessa’s outreach...

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City Programs

Most of our local cities have started programs that align citizens with organizations and volunteers to help bring their homes/properties...

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CEO, John Rogers and his talented Management Team participate in a monthly program that quite literally changed the scope of...

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